Poster Presentation at Canadian Library Association Annual Conference in Montreal, CA.

Destination travel readers are those who seek reading material while at or en route to their destination.  There is a growing trend of hotel and tour operators offering books on loan to their guests.  This has meant that libraries are emerging as value added services to vacationing guests. Previously, tour promoters would focus their efforts on wooing travel agents with commission incentives and free trips.  Now, in the era of DIY vacation planning, tour promoters need to differentiate themselves from their competitors through the services they offer that have meaning to the traveler.  Increasingly, we find libraries included in descriptions of value added features of travel packages alongside chef-to-traveler ratios and the tour company’s socio-environmental responsibility.  This presentation explores the international world of destination travel reading and the role of libraries in various tourism ventures.  Examples are drawn from various cities around the world.

Notably, mine was the only poster presentation fully translated into both English and French at this international conference held in Montreal, Quebec.