Holding Open the Door to Share Data.

In an effort to help other researchers understand how and why one would release research data openly, I’ll be giving a presentation March 4, 2021 as part of Athabasca University’s Research and Showcase on Open Education.

(Recording to come.)

Below is a list of supporting resources as a follow-up to my presentation.

Open Data Ethics Text

Feel free to adapt this to your needs.

At the completion of this research project, the anonymized and de-identified data will be released openly through _____ [I said the University of Alberta Libraries’ Dataverse network], under a Public Domain license, making the data available for future secondary use forever. Electronic and paper files pertaining to this study archived by _________ [I said Peggy Lynn MacIsaac] will be destroyed five years after ______ [I said the end date of the course used in the study]

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