Study Puzzle

In the spirit of public scholarship, I seek to creatively share my research outside of academia.

I created a puzzle summary of my doctoral dissertation research on social presence in an international multi-site blended learning undergraduate course in which some of the learners are living in refugee camps. Using less than 0.4% of the words in my dissertation, I tell the story of my research through a puzzle game of my design.

To switch to a phone to launch the puzzle, here’s a QR code.

While the puzzle can be launched on any Internet capable device, I originally designed the puzzle to be viewed on a mobile phone as the study is about the use of mobile instant messaging for a university course discussion forum.

For those who don’t enjoy the structure of a puzzle game (where the player can choose the order of navigation, and there is no going back), below is a slide presentation mock up. It follows the writing order of the dissertation, but lacks the detailed audio and visual design and animation of the interactive puzzle game. (The conversion to embed it in on this page compromised the painstaking layout, and functionality. The interactive game version is better.)

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