Study Puzzle

In the spirit of public scholarship, I seek to creatively share my research outside of academia.

I created a puzzle summary of my doctoral dissertation research on social presence in an international multi-site blended learning undergraduate course in which some of the learners are living in refugee camps. Using less than 0.4% of the words in my dissertation, I tell the story of my research through a puzzle game of my design.

To switch to a phone to launch the puzzle, here’s a QR code.

While the puzzle can be launched on any Internet capable device, I originally designed the puzzle to be viewed on a mobile phone as the study is about the use of mobile instant messaging for a university course discussion forum.

HINTS: The puzzle game allows you choose how to navigation (to view just one part or the whole puzzle) and there is no going back. If you’d rather a more guided structure, you could follow the writing order of the dissertation sections which is Abstract, Literature Review, Methodology, then Findings. Enjoy!

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